Discover Lucerne

Discover Lucerne

Walks in and around Lucerne


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It has been fifteen years since we, a group of culture enthusiasts and lovers of Lucerne with an interest in history, published the first edition of this city guide in German and English. It has been an enormous success. We therefore decided to publish this new, fully revised 3rd edition with new, spectacular pictures as well as 10 additional, all-new walks in and around the city. Sophisticated visitors, adventurous city wanderers and natives eager to learn more about their city will be provided with suggestions, knowledge and background about this this famous river and lakeside city.


Authors: Jürg Stadelmann, Paul Rosenkranz, Matthias Steinmann, Pirmin Bossart

Photographer: Nique Nager
3rd revised edition

336 pages, 14,2 x 21 cm, Softcover

With 215 pictures and 26 maps

ISBN 978-3-85932-830-3, CHF 39.90 / EUR 31.–


Auch in deutscher Sprache erhältlich.



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